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Best Astrologer In Jaipur

PEEYUSH VASHISTH is a well known young and dynamic astrologer as well as a writer. He is specialist in CAREER AND MARRIAGE ASTROLOGY.


He is a very successful astrologer and keeps a wide knowledge on various parts of astrology such as predictive astrology, numerology, vastu ,career astrology, marriage and remedial astrology etc. .
His grand father was a teacher & also a very good astrologer& spiritual person. With grace of lordShreeram & his grandfather he gets the knowledge of astrology and spiritual literature as Vedas, Ramayan,Geeta, puran etc . distinguishing quality of peeyush’s grip on the subject is that he likes to interpret astrology in scientific way rather than the traditional views that are still being practiced by the majority of astrologers.
He has written over 250 articles, near a dozen books and research papers on predictive and remedial astrology, marking his position as INTERPRETER OF ASTROLOGY IN A SCIENTIFIC WAY. He also taught astrology for five years. Peeyush SPECIALISES IN PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY meanwhile also LEADING A TEAM of highly educated and well-versed pundits PROVIDING REMEDIES THROUGH VEDIC MANTRAS for All type of problems.


For last 13 years he is giving his services regularly in the field of Predictive astrology and also he is a deeply religious & spiritual person. He is also a spiritual adviser. By the grace Of his Spiritual Guru ‘Shri Avdhoot Paramhans Swami Bhanwaranand ji maharaj’ he guide people to walk on the path of Yog, Meditation and Kriyayoga. Sometimes When he found a Malefic Yoga in Horoscope then advise people to do a specific Anusthan or Mantra jap.
According Acharya Peeyush vashisth Financial growth is naccessory for us but spiritual growth is more naccessory . Remedies can help us to make all our planets favorable, and once planets become favorable then they can help very much to achieve both economic and spiritual growth as well as health wealth and prosperity .
For your complete life solutions he only requires your Full Name Date of birth , Month, Year and Place of Birth along with your Time of Birth. If you dont have your birth details even then no worries , he can guide you by another stream of Astrology called ‘ Prashna Kundali’
He is available for consultation by Phone and personal appointments. You have to take prior appointment for Phone Consultancy or Personal Consultancy .